Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Family Story

Kendal met Chad in 1992 at Biola University. Kendal had the life goal of becoming a missionary teacher, Chad had the life goal of becoming a children's christian television producer. They married despite differing goals, but each were constantly looking for God's direction in their life. God had brought us together.

February 2,1996 they were married in southern California, and moved to Campbell, California immediately after the honeymoon.

Chad began work in computers, having given up on living in Los Angeles trying to make a way into t.v. Since coming to Biola and meeting Kendal God had changed his heart a bit regarding television.

Kendal began teaching in an inner city school.

August 18, 1999 their daughter Sydney was born.

Chad moved from job to job seeking something, but he wasn't sure what it was.

May 3, 2001 their son Calvin was born.

In 2003 Chad and Kendal heard a friend talk about the need for workers in Papua New Guinea. They needed teachers, and they needed IT/network professionals.

They resolved to visit and investigate.
In 2004 Chad went for 3 weeks and God hit him smack between the eyes with a calling to go to PNG and serve.

He returned home and waited for several months before mentioning this to his wife.
Once he did, she became very excited and the two began a 2 year training process before leaving and moving to Papua New Guinea.

We have been living in PNG since 2007. We love it. Our kids love it. We have found our place, we simply said "yes" when God gave us a very clear calling and we have been blessed ever since.

Chad works supporting the computer network and doing audio/video recording, and Kendal works teaching elementary school kids.

It is an incredible blessing to our family that we know we are exactly where we were created to be and are doing exactly what God has created us to do.